Genetic Calculator 1.3

Species: Eastern Rosella Platycercus eximius

  1.0 0.1
Symbol Mutations Inherit.
Visual splits to Visual splits to
Sex-linked Recessive  X1 X2
cin icon cinnamon se  
ino icon ino se  
op icon opaline(red) se  
Pieds (df) (sf) (df) (sf)
Pi dom.pied in
cr dark-eyed-clear re
  (df) (sf) (df) (sf)
dil dilute re
yh yellow-headed re
mb marbled re
  • bl
  • blpb
  • blue
  • |_parblue
  • re
  • |_cd

Ed Dom.edged in
m icon melanistic(black) re
fa fallow re
  • a
  • apa
  • NSLino
  • |_pastel
  • re
  • |_cd

go icon golden re
re - Autosomal Recessive, se - Sex-linked Recessive,
in - Autosomal Incomlete Dominant, cd - Co-Dominant,
  |_ - multi alleles
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